About Moyr

(A.K.A. Gordon Turner)

Thirty years and counting….

So! Thirty years in the music industry. Where did it all go? If you count my early piano lessons with Mrs Fletcher, it’s even longer than that. As with most people who ‘get in to music’, I first started playing in a band with my school friends. It was the drums that first appealed to me, so I saved up, bought some and learnt to play them. I was drumming for a number of different bands for the first few years of music.

During that time I also bought myself a Tascam 244 4-track recorder and discovered a whole new world. That world was of music production and recording. Initially, I used to record the songs I was playing with the bands I was in at the time, but ultimately I wanted to create my own music.

Accumulating the gear….

I started accumulating music equipment to help me do just that, keyboards, guitars, samplers, sequencers, microphones. The drums became a bit of a sideshow because I was spending more time on the musical elements with the guitar and keyboards. So much so that I eventually started playing guitar and keyboards in various bands. I even formed my own band for a few years where I became lead singer (ouch!!) and guitar player.

I then found a band that I really stuck with called Stafford Galli where I played Mandolin, Bouzouki, Guitar and eventually Violin. I played in that band for 20 years, touring the whole of the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe. In recent times I’ve been playing percussion around the UK in various nightclubs along side House music DJ’s with various sax players and vocalists.

Production and engineering….

During that entire journey with different bands and instruments, I’ve always had a recording studio and had a chance to work with some excellent producers and musicians like The Freemasons, Stonebridge, Tommy D, John Simmons, Alex Blanco, Kid Massive, Star Smith, Boney M, Mark Wallis, Edwin Star, Saxon, Brandon Block, The Men They Couldn’t Hang.

Moyr Productions….

…And so here we are today with Moyr Productions. The array of instruments I’ve had a chance to play during those years and all the great people I’ve worked with, has been immensely beneficial in my production and engineering work. It’s allowed me to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ things from the other side, and to know how and what is going to work where within a track.

However, there’s still no time to rest. More and more advanced techniques and equipment are available all the time and my learning process is never ending. I always endure to stay on top of what’s ‘hot’.

About Moyr
About Moyr
About Moyr