Live Shows

** Live recording promotion – ‘THE 2’   (£222) **

In a period where video seems to be ‘king’ of the media, it’s surprising how many great artists still have very little of it out there.  Understandably, having specific music video’s made can be quite costly, yet they’re a very necessary requirement in this day and age.  A lot of times you’ll come across Youtube video’s, where the artist has been videoed playing live using a single camera and worse still, the audio was also recorded by the same camera (ouch!).  I’m convinced that this is more of a hindrance to the success of an artist than a help.  A great audio recording (which is a must!!) sync’d to high quality video will immediately step you out in front of everyone else.

Recording live gigs is a great way to record a lot of tracks at once, create a salable live album, get your music on Facebook and Youtube etc and to create showreels that can be used to secure more live gigs.  I’m currently offering a basic video package free of charge when I record, mix and master the audio for you.

A basic video package means that I will rig up two static video camera’s that will record the gig in full 1080p HD (Using our new Canon 70D DSLR and Sony HDR AVCHD recorders) from two separate front views and a third on stage video cam for angled shots.  I will then edit, colour match and sync the cameras to the professional audio.  All the cameras will be unmanned (as this is a basic package) and fixed in place to get the best angles whilst avoiding interference from the audience.  Extra lighting may also be provided for the best results.  These type of videos are ideal for Youtube, Facebook, Promo’s, Showreels etc.  Note; if you require a more advanced package, please get in touch.  A more advanced package would mean more cameras, camera operators and extra editing.

The audio recordings are made using a 16+ channels of 24bit digital audio.  They’ll be captured using ART signal splitters, PreSonus interfaces, Drawmer compressors and then via an 800 speed Firewire connection direct to an 8 core Apple Macpro.  The signals for the ‘out front’ P.A. sound will be split, one split continuing to the P.A. and the other to the recording setup.  If there aren’t enough mic’s being used on things like drums and guitar amps etc, these will be provided and ran directly to the recording setup.  Unlike recording directly from main desk, the recording level is totally independent from the out front sound and therefore set to a prime level throughout.  This gives the best signal to noise ratio during mixing.  The results are guaranteed.

Package Summary

  1. 16+ channels of 24bit audio recordings made of the gig.
  2. Two fixed HD video recordings made from the front and a further recording from on stage.
  3. Four hours studio time to mix and master the audio recordings.
  4. Four hours studio time to edit and sync the video.

Package price – £222

If you are playing the gig with other bands and they want to be part of the deal, get in touch as I may be able to split some of the costs and hence a better price for you.

If you’re an act that doesn’t have drums or only has a small amount of recording channels needed (8 or less), then the price will be £192 with only 2.5 hours of mixing time included/required.

Any editing, overdubs or additions that fall outside the times mentioned above are charged at standard studio rates.  However, up to two mix/mastering modifications can be made after the project is initially finished.

As you see from the cost vs the amount of work involved, this is an offer that I can’t run for very long, so snap it up quick. If you are interested in this deal, please contact me by any method that suites you.

The Live Show Recording Method

If you’re playing a live gig or show and want to make a recording of it to make in to a live album or simply just to capture it, this is how I do it.

I’m currently running a 16 track remote recording facility, with an option for more via sub mixes if needed. All the instruments that are going via the house PA system will be split out just before they go in to the house multicore using a bank of transformer isolated splitters. One of the splits will continue to the house PA multicore and the other will be sent via a separate multicore to my recording facility, which will be set aside somewhere in the room. Where necessary, the signal dynamics will be controlled using Drawmer compressors and each instrument recorded to it own individual 24 bit digital track.

If the house PA setup doesn’t use enough microphones (or suitable microphones), I shall use my own where necessary. For example, depending on the size of the venue, the house PA may only use 4 mic’s on the drum kit, kick, snare and two over heads. This is not adequate enough for a proper live recording. In this scenario I’d have to put extra mic’s on the snare, hats and toms and then connect them directly to my recording multicore. Sometimes, the guitar amps may not be mic’d up and so I’d have to do the same there too. I basically strive to capture every separate instrument to it’s own recording where possible and also a copy of the audience/ambiance.

The live recordings are then mixed and mastered back at my studio. Overdubs and editing can be carried out during this period if the artist deems it necessary. The finished recording is then converted to multiple formats and given to the artist.


Live Show Engineering

If you’re playing a live show and have a PA system but need an engineer to control the sound and/or lighting, I can provide that for you.  I have many years experience of playing and engineering live shows. I can also provide a 1.2 kW RCF PA system and monitors that can be utilized if required.  For details and prices please contact me.


Although out an out P.A. hire isn’t something that I currently promote.  I do have a 1.2kW RCF system that I do hire out along with myself, that is suitable for small bars, cafe’s, seminars, training course etc.  Get in touch if you require something of this size.