Services Overview

Here are a list and brief explanation of all the services that I offer. Please click on the links to take you to the correct pages.

Production – (click her for more details)
Production is putting together the musical arrangements and instrumentation for a track. It’s deciding upon all the musical and rhythmical choices required, including key, tempo, types of instruments and sounds used.  It also covers decisions made during the mixing and editing process and writing of the track from a simple idea.

Recording – (click her for more details)
This is the engineering part of the process where the instruments are played and recorded using hardware and software equipment. It covers vocal recording sessions and band recording sessions that are done at a studio.

Mixing and Mastering – (click her for more details)
Mixing is the art of sonically manipulating each recorded sound with a variety of studio equipment to get them to sit together properly within the track.  Mastering is a further process from mixing which takes the final mixed track and balances it so it can be played on all possible speaker systems at the best possible level.

Live Shows – (click her for more details)
This covers anything the client wants to do away from a studio and is within our scope. That would be recording audio or video of their live performance. It would also cover live sound engineering hire or P.A.Hire.

Remixes – (click her for more details)
This is taking the idea(s) from one already finished track and remixing it in to another style of music, or another ‘flavor’ of the same style of music. Rock to Dance, Pop to Folk etc. It’s commonly used when making different genre’s of dance music.

Voice Over’s / TV / Radio – (click her for more details)
This covers spoken word or music for use in things like TV or radio shows, commercials, audio books, presentations, audio documents etc.

Audio/Video Sync – (click her for more details)
This covers the process of synchronising audio and video together for TV, Radio, Youtube, home videos etc. (Lip sinc’ing)

Training – (click her for more details)
This is for anyone who wants to learn about production, audio recording, mixing, equipment or using DAW’s (Digital Audio Work Stations)