Standard production and recording rates are £20 per hour or £145 per 8 hour day.

(Special deals can be worked out for multiple bookings/projects.  Please get in touch)

Vocal recording – fixed package deals – per track (click here)

For details on the following services, please visit the services page.


(Standard hourly/day rates).
For an explanation of the recording options see the recording page.

Session Musicians for Recording
Each session musician will have their own price and abilities. I will give you my recommendations and choices along with their prices and then you will choose accordingly. Therefore, it will be priced per application. Please ask me for a quote.


(Standard hourly/day rates).


Standalone fee is £35 per track.
If the mastering is the final process following a recording session, then it will be charged at standard rates Typical mastering times will be 30 to 120 mins.

For an explanation of mastering see the mastering page.

**Live Show Recording Promotion**

See the Live Show page>>

Live Show Recording 

Audio                                                                                                                                         –                  £220 per show (Up to 3 hours recording + 4 hours studio mixing time)

Audio + Video (Basic method using three fixed cam’s)                                              –                  £310 per show (Up to 3 hours recording + 8 hours studio mixing/ sync’ing).

Audio + Video (Advanced method using camera operators and more cameras)        –                £420+ per show (Up to 3 hours recording & 10 hours+ minimum mixing/sync’ing).  Please contact me for the exact price!

For longer shows (all day festivals etc, please contact me).

Live Show Editing and Mixing
You will be able to attend the mixing and sync’ing back at the studio.
If you want to edit any errors and make any overdubs then this will take as much extra time as you need.  If it falls outside the allocated studio time it will be charged at standard rates.

Re-mixing (Production)

Prices vary depending on the type of track and the level of production you’re looking for.
Typically £150 to £500. Please contact me for details.


(Standard hourly/day rates). + the cost of hiring the voice over artist. Please contact me for more details.

Audio/Video Syncing and Editing

(Standard hourly/day rates).

Backup And Convert Audio/Video

(Standard hourly/day rates).

Training for Production and Engineering

This depends on the amount and type of training required. All training is aimed at your specific requirements and will typically be at standard studio rates. Discounts may apply for longer courses booked and paid for in advance.  Let me know what your requirements are and I can discuss any discounts with you.