A truly different version…

When I say remixing, I’m not referring to when you have a previously recorded song, that has been mixed together in the past, but you would like it to be re-balanced in a different and more modern way. This is an audio engineering procedure and is really covered on the mixing page.

What I mean by remixing here, is when you have an element or elements of a track (your own or even a track by another artist) that you really like and you want to create it in to a different version or style of music. This method is common practice with all forms of dance music. For example, when a pop track is commercially released, various producers of different dance styles will be asked to create alternative versions of the track for release in to different markets. That may be Drum & Bass, Deep House, Progressive House, Electro House, Dubstep and numerous other options.  It could also be a different version of the same genre, like a slower or faster version.

Get the X Factor…

If you’ve ever watched the X Factor, the judges will always pay compliments to the singers who’ve “made the song their own”. Basically what they’ve had done for them is a remix. It’s the same main melodies and chords with a different arrangement of music and instrumentation.

So let’s say you’re a vocalist who wants to get them self heard by a major record label. You could just sing a cover song for them, which is OK, but is a bit generic and it’s going to be hard to “make it your own”. You could create a new track from scratch, but that may be out of your scope and budget, and it’s usually better for people to hear your vocal against something they’re familiar with. So the next alternative is to have a remix done. It will be the original song, but it will have different instrumentation, it maybe in a different key, it maybe in a different style and it maybe at a different tempo, but it will certainly be easier to “make it your own”.

Please check out the music page to hear re-mixes that I’ve previously done.