Training – Engineering and Production

Training can be given to teach engineering and production techniques.

Engineering is the knowledge of how to set up and make a recording, setting levels, understanding equipment, studio techniques, mixing, mastering, software etc. The general techniques that a recording studio would use.

Production is how to put a song together, what instruments to use, how they interact properly, how to layer them properly, what chords to use, how to choose the melodies etc.  

Production training can be designed around the music genre of your choice, or it can be general production covering many different genres.

Training can be tailor made to suit your requirements. It’s basically split in to different modules that you can pick and choose from.

Please contact me for details of each module.


DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Logic X (various modules within)

Ableton Live 9 (various modules within)

Cubase (various modules within)

Recording and Engineering Modules

Overall theory

Drum recording and mixing

Percussion recording and mixing

Bass recording and mixing

Guitar recording and mixing

Keyboard/Piano recording and mixing

Vocal recording and mixing




Reverb and delays

Effects and Enhancers

Professional editing techniques


Production Modules

Drum arrangements/instrumentation

Percussion arrangements/instrumentation

Bass arrangements/instrumentation

Guitar arrangements/instrumentation

Keyboard arrangements/instrumentation

Vocal arrangements/instrumentation

Chord structures


Song structure

Professional layering techniques


The Recording Industry